Self Build Advice

Deciding to build your own home is a big step!  You've probably taken the first steps of instructing an Architect and possibly a Structural Engineer and are currently focused on getting the build through planning but what about the technology in your home?  

The most expensive cable in a Smart Home is the one NOT installed?
— Steve Moore - Founder of CEDIA UK

Instructing a Home Technology Consultant NOW allows all the technology systems within the home, such as lighting, heating and security to be planned professionally ensuring it all works together and is simple to use.  

The key areas on any self-build are covered below and it is important to have one overall holistic design for all these areas before you begin your build otherwise as your time will evaporate during the build, your confusion will increases from input from each "specialist" and you will be pressured to make decisions which you will live with each and every day in your new home.



Ensuring the security of your home is an ever growing concern. It raises questions such as; Which alarm system do I install? Should my house alarm be monitored? What are the best CCTV cameras? How can I view my home whilst away?  Should I allow my control system to turn off my alarm?

Secured by design

I can advise on security alarm system specifications; recommend which CCTV cameras to use  and where to place the cameras to conform with the Home Office recommendations for facial identification and recognition; provide guidance on biometric access control such as facial recognition and fingerprint access or automatic gate opening using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) or geo-fencing.


Modern day lighting in a home is more than just a pendant in the middle of the room.  But the choice of lighting is mind blowing, leaving you to decide;  What energy savings can be made using LED lighting? What lighting do I need to conform to Part L Building Regulations? How many lighting circuits do I need? Should I use 1-10V, DALI, Phase dimmers? How do I turn my lights on and off from my phone?  

HOUSE Lighting design

Professionally designed lighting can really transform a space using techniques such as "layering light".  I am fully conversant with lighting design techniques and I can produce a lighting schedule covering General or ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting circuits.  

Garden lighting design

Exterior lighting can be used for security, a feeling of safety and reasurance but it can also make that first impression to visitors, welcoming them into your home.  lighting landscaping, planting and exterior architecture provides ambience.

Lighting Control

Layering light is great but how do you create lighting scenes or "mood lighting" at a touch of a button? I can advise you on which intelligent lighting control system is best for you.

Renewable Energy

We all know the future requires more use of renewable energy but which renewable energy source do you choose for your self build; solar panels, wind turbines, hydro, biomass, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps or solar thermal?

I can advise what your current/potential energy demand is/will be and which renewable options will provide that demand with the goal of complete off-grid lifestyle.  

I can advise how the renewable energy generated can be best used by monitoring its production then controlling demand i.e. appliances/heating/hot water to best use the free renewable energy.


Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Although, construction techniques and materials are making the build of a home more energy efficient, we still waste a lot of energy in heating and cooling spaces un-necessarily. 

"Zoned" heating and Cooling

I can advise on how to "zone" your heating and cooling so that you can turn off heating  in the rooms that not being used rather than heating the  whole home, allowing you to save energy and reduce your heating bills.

Energy monitoring

We all like to be energy conscious but ask yourself; how do I know what (or whom) uses the most electricity in my home?  I can help identify where you use your energy.

Smart Home

There is no avoiding it, the home of the future is smart.  But what is a Smart Home?  A Smart Home, reduces or removes the mundane tasks we do every day.  Do I need a Smart Home? I hear you ask.  Well, your grandparents probably asked, Do I need a washing machine?  Your parents probably asked Do I need a dishwasher?  So, no, you do not "need" a Smart Home but you do need more spare time.  So why spend this valuable minutes closing blinds before you go to bed, only to open them again in the morning, or turning the lights after the children have left them on, again; or shopping for mundane items like washing powder; or worrying you left the iron or hair curlers on. 

Home Cinema and Entertainment 

I love movies and love nothing more than providing you with the private cinema experience you can afford, in your own home!    I can design a dedicated cinema environment; answering questions such as; What size projection screen do I need based on my seating position? Do I need a 5.1, 7.2 surround sound or do I need the latest 3D audio systems such as Dolby Atmos, DTS-X or Auro-3D?  What sensitivity should my speakers be to give me reference level sound?  How do I copy my Blu-Ray movies so I can play any movie at a press of a button?