Hotel renovation advice


Energy Management

A fully booked hotel is great but it is also costly for you.  Guests leave heating, cooling, lighting or television systems on whilst they are out but how can I switch off guest room devices and/or systems whilst the guest is not in their room?

I can advise you during a hotel renovation how simple it is to utilise occupancy sensors into guest rooms which automatically, reduce the heating/cooling, turn off lights or televisions when the guest is away from their room.  

If they are away for short periods, their pre-vacancy setting can be restored automatically without them even knowing it's been changed.  If they are away longer periods say all day at the office or on a day trip or on check out, heating/cooling, lighting and television systems in their rooms can be turn off completely automatically.

In-room systems

Do you ever stay in your own hotel?  Probably not, based on my experiences in most hotels.  For example, lighting controls in most hotel rooms are shocking.  Generally a bank of light switches by the entrance of the room none of them are labeled.  So guests spend the first 5 minutes of their stay working out which switch turns on which light.  Switches by the bed usually either control only the bedside lights or switch every light off (except the en-suite) leaving you in complete darkness to bump into unfamiliar furniture.  And don't even get me started on the controls for in-room heating and cooling needing the systems' operating manual  to get comfortable.

I can advise you on how to introduce simple in-room controls during your hotel renovation for lighting, heating/cooling and audio/visual which your guests will appreciate. Even if they do not realise the difference as it'll be so simple but they will receive a far better guest experience.

Hotel guest Wi-Fi

Guests must be connected to Internet... period!  They also expect good connection speeds, security and privacy.  As a Hotelier you also need to ensure your back office systems are secure.  Whether, you are a small boutique hotel or a larger chain, guest Wi-Fi needs planning and a hotel renovation is the ideal opportunity to put in the required infrastructure.

I can advise on what infrastructure will be needed based on your hotel size, layout and guest occupancy and security measures needed for guest and hotel security.

Front of House lighting

I can not emphasise enough that the lighting in your hotel's front of house has such an unconscious impact on your guests' impression of your hotel before they've even checked in.

Lighting in the "front of house" areas needs to be impacting but not too over powering or too under-lit.  It also needs to be easy to use by your staff so they can simply switch lighting to suit changes in guest functions say from lunch time to evening meal in the restaurant.  

I can advise on easy to use front of house lighting systems that can be designed into the your hotel renovation.

Hotel audio/visual systems

Specifying the audio/visual system for a hotel renovation needs serious consideration.  Guests judge the quality of audio from the speakers or the quality of video on televisions in your hotel almost as much as the food you serve or the politeness of your staff

However, providing good quality audio/video systems throughout your hotel can amount to a significant portion of the cost hotel renovation

I can advise you on cost effective audio solutions whether you're  providing background music in reception areas for guests to listen to whilst they check in, discreet "mood" audio designed to blend in with the aesthetics and ambience of your restaurant/bar or high powered audio systems in function rooms of your hotel.

I can also advise on cost efective solutions to distribute television and satellite services throughout your hotel.  Solutions are also possible even if you have just basic cabling infrastructure.

"Home from Home" guest room experience

Hotel guests these days expect the same luxuries they have at home whilst they are staying away.  They want to play their music or watch their films in their hotel room.  Simply providing a cable for them to connect their music player to a television with lengthy instructions is not acceptable in this modern day and age of "streaming". How do I renovate my hotel and provide a "home from home" experience for my guests?

I can advise you on the latest trends being used by the larger hoteliers around the world who provide their guests with the "home from home" experience.  You can decide whether to offer these the the "home from home" experience as standard or as an upgrade.